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MLD Consulting Group focuses on two main types of disciplines within the Training and Career Development space

Business Training and Development

As a subset of Training and Career Development, it's important for businesses to provide training and development for their staff. By doing so, businesses can develop coaching programs that will help employees improve their skills and grow within the company. This not only benefits the employees but also the company as a whole.


There are many benefits to providing training and development for employees. For one, it can help improve morale and retention. Employees who feel like they are constantly growing and learning new things are more likely to be engaged and stay with a company for the long haul. Additionally, training and development can help employees be more productive and efficient in their roles. This can save the company money in the long run, as well as improve the quality of the work that is being done.


Providing training and development for employees can be a challenge for some businesses. It can be difficult to find the time and resources to invest in employee development. However, there are many ways to make training and development more affordable and accessible.


Overall, providing training and development for employees is beneficial for both the employees and the company. It can help improve morale, retention, productivity, and efficiency. businesses should consider investing in employee development if they want to create a thriving workplace.

Individual Career and Education

At MLD Consulting Group, we also focus on career and education as the other subset of Training and Career Development. Thus we offer career coaching to individuals who require it. Many times individuals find themselves stuck and or want to make a career change and don't know how to move forward. Here we consult with the individual and assess the direction they may need to take. Therefore, we provide the guidance to take them to the next level.


We also assist students with education guidance and coaching. Assistance is given to them for their writing assignments at any level of their education. This helps them not only succeed in their studies but also to prepare for their future careers. We believe that individuals investing in their development are crucial for achieving their long and short-term goals if they want to achieve excellence. By providing individuals with the tools they need to succeed, we are ensuring that they will continue to grow and thrive.


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    Here Is A Breakdown Of the Training And Coaching We provide In Both Categories

    Training and Development


    1. Customer Focused Training
    2. Leadership Training
    3. Manager Training
    4. Supervisor Training


    Career and Education


    1. Career counseling and coaching
    2. Interview preparation
    3. Resume writing and critique
    4. Dissertation advising
    5. Thesis Advising
    6. Capstone projects
    7. College advising

    Our Training and Career Development Objectives

    Most businesses understand the importance of employee training and development. After all, your employees are your most valuable asset and investing in their growth is essential to the success of your company. But with the demands of running a business, it can be difficult to find the time and resources to provide training and development opportunities for your employees. That's where MLD Consulting Group comes in. We specialize in training and development coaching for business employees, providing training for executives, managers, supervisors, and front-line customer service support. Our programs are designed to help employees progress in their careers while also benefiting your company.


    When it comes to career and education coaching, MLD Consulting Group is dedicated to helping individuals not only succeed in their studies but also to prepare for their future careers or assist with career changes. By providing these services, we are helping to create thriving individuals and ensuring that their primary objectives are met.


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    Promising Positive Results.


    As a part of our Training and Career Development, MLD Consulting Group will collaborate to help your managers, supervisors, and front-line employees reach their full potential. Through our training and development program, we maximize output while addressing your worries. This will certainly help to boost employees' morale. It also enhances your business culture, and therefore indirectly improves your bottom line.

    Career counseling is intended to improve your professional, personal, and emotional needs. It also helps you feel more fulfilled, satisfied, and happy. Numerous clients experience a new sense of perspective. That helps them to make positive life changes.

    Our approach to work is thorough, concise, personal, and relaxed. We will discover your interests, skills, personality, career needs, and values through discussion and structured exercises. We will use the information and guidance we receive through coaching and career counseling. This, to help you create a plan for your career that will lead to excellence at work and in life.

    Training and career development
    Training and career development

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    We take a bottom-line approach to each project. Our clients consistently see their purposed objectives met, improved performances, and goal attainment. Thanks to our work.

    - Michael L. Dawkins. CEO, MLD Consulting Group.