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We are a business group of training program development specialists with a wide variety of business and individual functions such as career coaching, corporate training, and student support. Our ultimate goals are to maximize organizational performance and efficiency through training, career coaching, technology, and education. Our objectives are to enhance individual careers through our employee development services to give organizations and businesses a competitive advantage both internally and externally. These multi-tier business functions also support students academically in the college environment. Our team of professionals are skilled in their respective fields of disciplines and are available to help. Call or email for a consultation.

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Dr. Michael L. Dawkins
President and CEO

Dr. Dawkins has over 30 years’ experience in the transit industry and has been teaching in the academic environment for 19 years. He is an accomplished Training Program Development Specialist and Career Coach within the Southeastern region of Pennsylvania. He holds a Doctoral Degree in Leadership and Technology from Walden University, an MBA from Rosemont College in International Business, and an Undergraduate business degree from Eastern University in Organizational Dynamics. He specializes in developing customer service and leadership training programs for front-line employees, supervisors, and managers. He developed training programs and trained thousands of employees within the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. Dr. Dawkins' portfolio includes the following training programs:

  • Attendant Focus: A unique customer service course delivered to cashiers to better understand the de-escalation process, managing emotions, and customer relations.
  • Building and Sustaining a Mentoring Relationship: A course that places emphasis on core skills of becoming a mentor
  • CCT Paratransit Focus: A class constructed for employees and contractors who manages the functions of the disabled and senior population
  • CONNECT: A comprehensive customer service training for the Rail operating locations to include Engineers, Conductors, Assistant Conductors, Personnel Assignment Office, and Passenger Services
  • Delivering Quality Customer Service: An open course for all levels of organization to understand the value and quality of service delivery
  • Focus and Connect: A comprehensive customer service program for front-line bus operators with a key emphasis of internal support and leadership presence
  • Fleet Focus: A class geared towards the front-line mechanics to create a customer-focused environment on internal customer service
  • Managing Quality Customer Service: A course specifically geared towards managers and supervisors in providing the best customer service practices
  • Maintenance Custodian Focus: Training designed for maintenance custodians who indirectly deal with customers
  • Managing Emotions in the Workplace: A course that is designed to give theoretical and practical application on how to understand and conduct one-self emotionally within the work environment
  • Staying Healthy in Difficult Times: A course that gives basic strategies for staying healthy by understanding three critical areas…eating, exercising and sleeping.
  • Stepping up to Supervision: A course that is designed for new supervisors who are transitioning into management
  • Supervising the Hourly: A course that is specifically designed for supervisors who manages the everyday functions of the union employees


Dr. Dawkins has proven research publication in Employee Perception of the Value of Customer Service Training in Public Transportation. This academic body of work is a 206-page dissertation manuscript published in 2015 Pro-Quest academic portal and can be accessed through https://scholarworks.waldenu.edu/dissertations/491/ for your review and education. Dr. Dawkins is a life-long learner and professor at the University level where he teaches in Undergraduate and Graduate Business degree programs.

As you learn about us it is our hope that you will seek out this organization to provide you with the best training program development, career and education, business solutions, and individual services.

Coaching Sessions Conducted By Dr. Michael Dawkins at Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Career Resource Center


As you learn about us you will find that we take a bottom-line approach to each project. Our clients consistently see their purposed objectives met, improved performances, and goal attainment. Thanks to our work.

- Michael L. Dawkins. CEO, MLD Consulting Group.


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We are a customer-focused organization that embodies the concepts of learning, employee development, organization efficiency, personal growth, and development. Our Staff consists of various professional persons that are learned and established in varied fields with vast experience in training, counseling, and coaching.

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